Cambodian Opposition Politicians convicted of “Incitement” and “Conspiracy”

Cambodian Opposition Politicians convicted of “Incitement” and “Conspiracy”
photo: Prachatai via Flickr, 26-09-2021


Myrthe Niemeijer

International Justice and Human Rights Researcher

Global Human Rights Defence 

In a mass trial on 14 June, 51 a Cambodian court convicted 51 opposition politicians. Human Rights Watch (‘HRW’) referred to “unsubstantiated charges of “incitement” and “conspiracy””. 

The politicians were all part of the now-dissolved Cambodia National Rescue Party (‘CNRP’). [1] According to the Cambodian government, the CNRP is part of an attempted “color revolution”. The prosecution pointed to the defendants’ exercise of fundamental political and social rights, such as the freedom of expression and assembly, as alleged wrongdoing. HRW pointed to the motive of thwarting any political dissidence or opposition to Prime Minister Hun Sen, which demonstrates the anti-democratic practices of his government. 

HRW’s deputy Asia director called upon States and the UN to take action to bring an end to the baseless trials that are in direct contrast to democracy. 


[1] The CNRP was dissolved by the government in November 2017

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