EU’s New AI law Slammed by Human Rights Groups

EU's AI laws, set to be implemented in May or June, have been criticized for potential loopholes favoring lobbying intervention, raising concerns about future international AI regulatory policy.

EU’s New AI law Slammed by Human Rights Groups
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Lloyd Russell

Human Rights and Europe Researcher,

Global Human Rights Defence 

The decision to implement new laws and legislation concerning the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) by the EU has been criticised by many human rights groups for its evident loopholes which favour lobbying intervention. This law, which is to be implemented by the EU in either May or June, allows many exemptions around the common use of AI by law enforcements, industry lobbying, and migration authorities.

Following this, there has been widespread condemnation of the legislative shortcomings of the law by human rights groups. This is exemplified within the groups Amnesty International and Access Now coalition campaign of #protectnotsurveil which states this law is setting a ‘dangerous precedent’ for future international AI regulatory policy.

The EU’s decision to tailor aspects of the law in favour of law enforcement and lobbyists may indeed have drastic consequences over future legislation in other countries. However, officials have acknowledged the unchartered territories of these new laws and the unknown implications of AI use in the future. 

Additionally, some officials have backed this murky legislation, with Laura Caberera, the counsel and director of the EU Centre for Democracy and Technology Europe’s Equity and Data Program, arguing against the backlash by stating it that it will turn into  "the benchmark for AI regulation globally in what has become a race against the clock as lawmakers grapple with a fast-moving development of a technology with far-reaching impacts on our basic human rights."

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