World Sindhi Congress Protests at the Broken Chair, Geneva

On March 17, Global Human Rights Defence joined the World Sindhi Congress in their protest against the atrocities committed against minorities and marginalized groups in Pakistan. Before the United Nations building in Geneva, next to the Broken Chair statute, GHRD delegates stood next to the delegates of the World Sindhi Congress and raised their voices. The most prominent issues in Pakistan, but more specifically, the discriminatory application of the blasphemy laws were discussed and advocated for. Delegates were holding signs and pictures of persons wrongly or unduly convicted of these heinous crimes. The situation and issues in the Sindh Province in Pakistan is deteriorating each day, and the World Sindhi Congress and Global Human Rights Defence urged for immediate action of the international community. The Secretary-General of the World Sindhi Congress, Mr. Lakhu Luhana, told about situations of Sindhi people being arrested and killed when protesting for their basic human rights. He shed light on the numerous abductions of Sindhi people, some of whom have been missing for years, especially the youth in Sindhi. For all the heinous crimes committed in Sindhi, not one perpetrator has been brought to justice.

The overall demand of the protest was to stop the systematic ethnic cleansing of minorities in Pakistan and was staged to have the attention of the global community (ANI News, 2022).

Sources and further readings

For more information on the World Sindhi Congress, please follow this link to visit their website:

ANI News Official, 17 March 2022, Sindhis hold anti-Pak demonstration, demand global intervention into atrocities against them [video] (YouTube)