Smashing Patriarchal Norms

Smashing Patriarchal Norms
Photo Source: by Megha Vaishnav on Pexels


Jayantika Rao Tiruvaloor Viavoori

Women’s Rights Researcher

Global Human Rights Defence


International Women’s Day is upon us. As such, we must appreciate women’s various contributions in smashing structural discrimination while making a better world. Women worldwide are forging a change in their communities by adopting positive and sustainable approaches that empower them to break social and structural constraints. Many women are empowering themselves by becoming pioneers of their community. For example, women in India are using international and local initiatives that aim to contribute to the broader sustainable goals that range from gender equality (SDG 5), affordable and clean energy (SDG 7), and climate action (SDG 13).


Various projects that, for example, engage thousands of women within the renewable energy and technology field fracture patriarchal hegemonic ideals and gender stereotypes regarding the division of labour and knowledge in India. Training women with skills stereotyped for men allows rural women to acquire better-paid careers whilst shattering the gender obstacles.


Women’s participation, especially the rural women in Rajasthan and Gujrat, can reduce economic and societal inequality between genders while ensuring equitable education that provides women with lifelong opportunities. Empowering women with the knowledge and skills that expand and ascertain their true potential can raise their status in society and, therefore, stimulate metamorphic change.


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