Pakistan: A Hindu girl rescued 1 week after her abduction

Pakistan: A Hindu girl rescued 1 week after her abduction
Photo by Uzairmaqbool via Pixabay



Fatima Orujova

Pakistan and Human Rights Researcher

     On Monday, June 13, a Hindu girl that was abducted in the Jhelum district of Pakistan’s Punjab province was rescued (The Print, 2022).  The victim was rescued a week after of being kidnapped and from the Singhoi area close to the Chotala police station of Jhelum (The Print, 2022). 

   The victim was kidnapped during her return from work with her family (The Print, 2022). According to the mother of the victim, on June 6, she and her daughters were coming back from working at a farmhouse and stopped on the way back to drink water and use washroom (Dawn, 2022). When the victim went to use washroom, she came across perpetrator who started beating her and later took her to his car (The Print, 2022). 

   It was reported that the perpetrator has already been arrested and that he abducted the girl with the purpose of raping her (Dawn, 2022). 


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