Man tortures wife to death in Lahore

Man tortures wife to death in Lahore
Photo by PS Photography via Pexels, 2016


Anna Magdalena Comploi 

Pakistan and Human Rights Researcher

Global Human Rights Defence

In Lahore in Punjab, a man tortured his wife to death over a domestic dispute (Geo News, 2022). The suspect, Nisar, subsequently packed his wife’s body and leased a rickshaw to transport it to his in-laws along with their 10-year old daughter (Geo News, 2022).  Police reported that the victim was tortured and beaten until she succumbed to her injuries (Shahzad, 2022) The couple had been married for 15 years, but their relationship deteriorated and they would often argue (Geo News, 2022). 

This incident represents yet another case of domestic abuse turned deadly (Kirmani, 2021). It comes at a time of rapidly increasing incidents of violence against women and children in Pakistan (Human Rights Watch, 2021). The Domestic Violence Act was introduced to the National Assembly in 2020, designed to implement a system that protects, reliefs and rehabilitates women and children against domestic violence. (Ministry of Human Rights, 2020). However, this Bill has not yet been adopted (Dawn, 2021). This week alone Pakistan has seen multiple incidents of horrific violence against women (Ani, 2022). NGOs have been criticizing Pakistan’s government for its lenient approach towards perpetrators (Ani, 2022).

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