Lahore police recover kidnapped teenage girl

Lahore police recover kidnapped teenage girl
Photo: A man's shadow touches the shadow of a girl by tzahiV, 2017 via Flickr


Anna Magdalena Comploi 

Pakistan and Human Rights Researcher

Global Human Rights Defence

Lahore Police recovered a teenage girl that was abducted in broad daylight (Dawn, 2022). On May 22th, 2022 a tenth grader was kidnapped at gunpoint. She was riding home on a motorcycle with her brother near Lahore’s Shadbagh area, when a car stopped the siblings (Gabol et al., 2022). According to Dawn, CCTV footage shows armed men exiting the car. One of the men grabbed the teenage girl, while another held her brother at gunpoint (Gabol et al., 2022). Zulfiqar Ali, the missing girl’s father registered a complaint of kidnapping against unidentified suspects under Section 365 of the Penal Code (Gabol et al., 2022).Police subsequently detained suspects and interrogated them. According to the police, one of the suspect in the CCTV footage was the missing girl’s ex-fiancé. Lahore High Court took notice of the incident. However, the kidnappers managed to take her out of the city, reaching Pakpattan (Dawn, 2022). The teenage girl was eventually recovered and police filed a case against the suspects (Dawn, 2022).


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