Honour killing: 2 sisters murdered by their family members in Pakistan

Honour killing: 2 sisters murdered by their family members in Pakistan
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Fatima Orujova

Pakistan and Human Rights Researcher


Global Human Rights Defence

       In Gujrat, two Pakistani sisters and their mother have been murdered by their family members, including their husbands, uncle and brother, due to some disagreements and in the name of honour (Janjua, 2022). Aneesa Abbas, 24, and Arooj Abbas, 21, who had dual Pakistani and Spanish citizenships, were forcedly married with their cousins last year (Geo News, 2022).

         The sisters were persuaded by the perpeatrators to visit Pakistan and were strangled and shot dead by the perpetrators a day after they arrived in Pakistan (Geo News, 2022). The investigation has confirmed that the murder has been committed by the family members for the sake of honour (Janjua, 2022). It has also been found that the sisters were pressured by their husbands to apply for partner visas in Spain so that they could visit or relocate to Europe (Geo News, 2022; Janjua, 2022). However, the disagreements grew further with the rejection of these demands by the sisters and their requests to divorce (Geo News, 2022; Janjua, 2022). Six men, including the victims’ husbands, father, brother, uncle and cousin, have been arrested by the local police and have been charged with the murder (Geo News, 2022).

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