A young maid’s body was found in a drum at a plot in the Defence Housing Authority.

A young maid’s body was found in a drum at a plot in the Defence Housing Authority.
Photo Source : Dawn Images


Hurmat Sajid,

Team Pakistan Researcher,

Global Human Rights Defence

A devastating act of brutality took place on Friday, when a decomposed corpse of a young woman, named Haseena was discovered. Haseena, also known as Wazir Mai, belonged to the city of Bahawalpur, and had been working as a housemaid in Defence Housing Authority. Her body was recovered in a drum situated on an empty plot near Fatima Masjid in DHA, Phase-VII, late on Friday night, and is suspected to be dumped by a man named Hazratullah, who resided with her in a rented home in Qayyumabad. 

The suspect in question, according to DIG-South Syed Asad Raza, is a 32-year-old driver working for a Chinese national in DHA and had been missing since Wednesday. However, he contacted the police posted at his employer's house, alleging that his friend, Sohaib Hayat, was responsible for the murder of Haseena,  according to DIG-South Syed Asad Raza. Following this revelation, the police tracked down another individual named Adil, who is believed to have assisted the primary suspect, Hazratullah, in disposing of Haseena's body. The unfolding events suggest a complex situation involving multiple individuals in the tragic incident surrounding Haseena's death. The authorities are actively investigating the case, with the suspects potentially facing charges related to the murder and disposal of the victim's body. The motive behind the crime and further details are likely to emerge as the investigation progresses.


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