Violence Against Pregnant Woman in Pakistan

Violence Against Pregnant Woman in Pakistan
Karachi, Pakistan. Source: © Muhammad Jawaid Shamshad/Unsplash, 2021.


Finia Hilmes

Pakistan & Human Rights Researcher

Global Human Rights Defence

In Karachi, a security guard was seen hitting and kicking a pregnant woman. It was reported that the security guard beat up the woman outside of an apartment building in the Gulistan-e-Jauhar area (Chitre, 2022). The CCTV camera footage, which has also been shared on social media triggering outrage, shows an argument between the security guard and the woman after which he slapped her causing the woman to fall to the ground. After the woman tried to get up, the security guard kicked her in the face. According to the victim, she became unconscious due to the pain after the security guard hit her (Chitre, 2022). Further, the pregnant woman described that she had asked her son to deliver her food on the 5th of August 2022 at 3 am. However, when he arrived and tried to enter the premises, the union’s office bearers prohibited him from entering which led to the argument between the security guard and her (Chitre, 2022). 

As a result, the local police have now filed a first information report confirming the pregnancy of the victim and reporting the incident. 

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