The Trial of Apollo 21

The Trial of Apollo 21
Photo: President of the Republic of Madagascar, Andry Rajoelina, AfricaNews

Amela Tokić

Research Intern,

Global Human Rights Defence

An attempt by Madagascan and French nationals last summer to overthrow the current regime in Madagascar, targeting the President of the Republic and four other ministers still await trial along with 29,000 other prisoners. The coup d’etat Apollo 21 containing five generals who have already been granted bail in August and four captains, as well as four non-commissioned officers of the Madagascan army are still behind prison bars. Despite the Madagascan Ministry of Justice having in possession the instructions of the file relating to the plan of the coup, the processing of criminal cases is still ongoing for all [emphasis added] regardless of the scope of the case. That means that the trial on the Apollo 21 files will have to wait a little longer for judges to set up another hearing date.


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