The Threats Facing Pakistani Children's Education

The Threats Facing Pakistani Children's Education
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Angelique van der Burgh


Pakistan Researcher,

Global Human Rights Defence

The Balochistan region lost 5,500 schools to the 2022 floods and faces an extreme shortage of teachers. [1]. Due to governmental constraints, teachers haven’t been recruited in this province since 2019 [1]. Thus, the pool of teachers in the province has not increased since 2019 and is only decreasing due to the closure of schools and teachers choosing to retire [1]. Resulting in the closure of 3,500 schools in the Balochistan province. The closure of schools puts literacy rates and the right to education at risk. The right to education is a basic human right and should be upheld by the government through providing children with equal opportunities for a good quality education [2]. The Pakistani Senate recognizes this risk and has plans to mitigate it. On the 20th of November, 2023, the Pakistani Senate adopted a resolution to promote literacy rates among children [3]. The resolution emphasizes promoting quality education, gender-neutral education, and geographically inclusive education. In addition, the resolution places a strong focus on girls' education, ensuring girls have access, to and the opportunity to receive an education [3]. 

The response from the Senate can be applauded as it tackles the obstacles to education for many Pakistani children. However, the plan from the Senate does not explicitly mention developing or building more schools. In Balochistan alone, thousands of schools are running without electricity, water, or washroom facilities [1]. Thus, the challenges facing Pakistani education include the development of more schools, more teachers, better facilities within schools, and implementing the Pakistani Sentates plans for literacy promotion. 

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