The Easter Bombing Trial Begin

The Easter Bombing Trial Begin
The trials has started in Colombo, Sri Lanka, Quick Telecast


Malene Solheim

Sri Lanka and Human Rights Researcher, 

Global Human Rights Defense.

The trials have started following the Easter bombings in Colombo, Sri Lanka on April 21st in 2019. The trials are estimated to last a decade due to the scope of this case with 25 men accused for 23 000 charges . The bombings are deemed as the most event in modern Sri Lankan history (AlJazeera, 2021).

The bombings in Colombo killed almost 300 people in where at least 45 of them were foreign nationals (The Guardian, 2021). About 500 people were injured, predominantly people belonging to the Christian community of Sri Lanka. The bombings were framed as suicide bombs and targeted three churches and three hotels (AlJazeera, 2021). The country went into a state of emergency four months after the bombings, mourning the lives that were lost. (The Guardian, 2021). 

Since the bombings, mostly Muslims have been arrested. Some claim that these arrests reflect a larger trend of discriminating Muslims and assuming their violent nature (AlJazeera, 2021). The archdiocese of Colombo expressed their fear that the government will not commit to finding out the truth and will rather “cover it up and wash their hands” (TheGuardian, 2021). 

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