Singapore: Second drug-related execution within three weeks

Singapore: Second drug-related execution within three weeks
The skyline of Singapore at night. Photo from Jahoo Clouseau via Pexels.


Alicia Mankel

Southeast Asia and Pacific and Human Rights Researchers

Global Human Rights Defence

A Singaporean man has been sentenced to death and executed for possession of less than 3.5 pounds (around 1.5 kgs) of cannabis (The New York Times, 2023). The man, whose name was not disclosed due to his family’s wish for privacy, had been imprisoned and convicted of drug trafficking in 2019 and had previously sought to have his case reopened but was eventually dismissed without a hearing by the Singapore court on Tuesday 16 May 2023 (ABC News, 2023). 

This is the second death sentence carried out for drug trafficking in three weeks on the island nation of Singapore (ABC News, 2023; The New York Times, 2023). As a part of its “comprehensive harm prevention strategy”, Singapore is known for targeting the demand and supply of drugs demand and imposing capital punishment – a strategy that human rights watchdogs continuously condemn as completely excessive (The New York Times, 2023). 

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