Radical Muslims attacked a Hindu Temple

Radical Muslims attacked a Hindu Temple
Photo by Being.the.traveller


Nicola Costantin

Pakistan and Human Rights Researcher

A group of five men vandalized a Hindu Temple in Karachi, the capital of the Sindh province. On June 8, the group arrived at the place of worship and asked random questions to the workers, who were painting the walls. Immediately after, they started smashing offering bowls and throwing stones at an idol, heavily damaging it (Respinti, 2022). Moreover, the group threatened the present people, if they would have reported what just happened (Respinti, 2022).

Nevertheless, a detailed criminal complaint was filed, and the Senior Police Superintendent promised to investigate and look for possible footage of the surrounding area in order to bring the criminals to justice (Respinti, 2022). 

Local journalists have been expressing their outrage against these continuous attacks against religious minorities. They stated that these extreme assaults by radical Muslims would not happen if they would not receive tolerance from authorities and police (Respinti, 2022). 


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