Pakistani social media activist Arsalan Khan released after long hours of detention

Pakistani social media activist Arsalan Khan released after long hours of detention
Arsalan Khan. Photo by @AK_Forty7 via Twitter


Fatima Orujova

Pakistan and Human Rights Researcher

      On Friday, June 24, 2022, the Pakistani journalist and social media activist Arsalan Khan was abducted by unknown people from his residence in Karachi (Asian News International, 2022). He is currently associated with a civil society organisation in Karachi (Geo TV, 2022). According to Arsalan’s wife, last Friday, about fifteen government officials - rangers forcedly entered their house and pointed guns at them and their children (Asian News International, 2022).


    According to Arsalan’s spouse, he was forcefully abducted by them despite the fact that he was innocent (Asian News International, 2022). The Sindh Rangers spokesperson made a statement that the activist had an affiliation with a terrorist group, from which he had received financial assistance, and thus, he was detained based on an intelligence report (Geo TV, 2022). It was also mentioned in the statement that his case was delivered to the relevant state authority that would continue with the investigation of it as a white-collar crime (Asian News International, 2022). 

     Following his abduction last Friday, Arsalan’s spouse informed that he was left in front of their residence at around 04.00 last Sunday (Geo TV, 2022). Arsalan also posted a tweet on his account, stating that "I'm back home safe & sound. Thank you everyone for all the help & support you people extended to my lone family in this testing time. I'm truly short of words. Love you all” (Asian News International, 2022).  

     Regarding the abduction of Arsalan, many rights activists in the country condemned the Pakistani authorities and had called them to release him  (Geo TV, 2022). Moreover, Amnesty International expressed that they were highly concerned about the detention of Arsalan and stated in its tweet that “Pakistan must end this abhorrent practice of punishing dissent by wrenching people away from their loved ones” (Geo TV, 2022). 

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