Pakistan to witness dry, hot weather in next 12 hours

Pakistan to witness dry, hot weather in next 12 hours
Flickr, September 2019


Flavia Gkioka

Pakistan Human Rights Researcher

Global Human Rights Defence

Heatwaves are growing in frequency and intensity around the world due to climate change. Pakistan is one of the most affected countries when it comes to heat and especially the next 12 hours will be very crucial for the country. Prevailing heat-wave-like conditions will continue to bake most parts of Sindh with mercury likely to shoot up to 47°C in the interior part of the province, the weather authorities have warned. Areas such as Dadu, Jacobabad, Larkana, Sukkur, Nawabshah, Khairpur, and suburbs are expected to witness a maximum temperature ranging from 45°C to 47°C under the prevailing climatic conditions. The consequences of climate change and excessive heat can be quite detrimental. For example, lack of water is a main concern. Moreover, conditions in the fertile Indus Delta, already facing saline water intrusion and coastal erosion, are expected to deteriorate further. A rise in temperature in the Indus Delta could impact human health through increased prevalence of diarrhea, cholera, and vector-borne diseases. Human settlements could also be affected by frequent floods, droughts, and cyclones.

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