Pakistan denounces the conviction of top Kasmiri separatist by Delhi High Court

Pakistan denounces the conviction of top Kasmiri separatist by Delhi High Court
Photo: Danish Ismail via Reuters


Fatima Orujova

Pakistan and Human Rights Researcher


Global Human Rights Defence

         On May 19, the Delhi High Court convicted Yasin Malik, the chief of the banned banned the  Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) (The Hindu, 2022). The Court charged Malik with a case of terror funding in 2017, being a member of a  terrorist organisation and involvement in sedition which bring a maximum sentence of capital punishment or life imprisonment (Al Jazeera, 2022). During his trial, Malik rejected the charges and called himself a freedom fighter. He added: “Terrorism-related charges levelled against me are concocted, fabricated and politically motivated” (Al Jazeera, 2022). 

          As for the JKLF, it was one of the first armed rebel groups founded in Indian-held Kashmir and its goal has been to achieve a free and united Kashmir (Al Jazeera, 2022). Indian authorities also imprisoned Malik and banned the JKLF in 2019 (Al Jazeera, 2022).

       Pakistan has officially denounced and opposed the charges made to Malik by the Delhi High Court and has demanded his release and reunion with his family (The Hindu, 2022). Islamabad has dismissed the fabricated allegations made for Malik and has called the Indian government to stop targeting the people voicing the interests of Kashmiris  (Siddiqui, 2022).

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