Pakistan: 5 Trans Women Hospitalised After Getting Shot by Armed Men

Pakistan: 5 Trans Women Hospitalised After Getting Shot by Armed Men
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Fatima Orujova

Pakistan and Human Rights Researcher


Global Human Rights Defence


  According to the reports made on March 16, 5 trans women were shot and injured by a group of armed men that forcefully entered their home in the city of Mansehra, Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province (Quershi, 2022; The Print, 2022). Following the incident, the victims were hospitalised, and 4 of them are reported to be in critical condition (The Friday Times, 2022). So far, it has been found among the details that one of the perpetrators, Sabtin Fida was angry over the fact that one of the victims had stopped seeing him (Quershi, 2022).


  The transgender community in the country has requested the government to imprison the perpetrators (The Friday Times, 2022). There is currently no information on whether they have been arrested by the police.


  Needless to mention, violence against transgenders is common in Pakistan. However, the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is generally considered as the most unsafe region for transgenders (Quershi, 2022). Nayyab Ali, a transgender rights activist and recipient of Franco-German Prize for Human Rights and Rule of Law, has stated about transgenders living in the province: “I call them survivors as almost every other day, they face threats, attacks and discrimination” (Quershi, 2022). The activist also called for setting up a transgender protection centre in the province like the one established in Islamabad (Quershi, 2022).


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