NGO Belarusian House Accused The Belorussian Government For The Death of Activist Vitali Shishov

NGO Belarusian House Accused The Belorussian Government For The Death of Activist Vitali Shishov
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Vitali Shishov was the director of ‘Belarusian House’ in Ukraine, a Non-Governmental Organization that helps people who flee repression in Belarus. Ukraine, Poland and Lithuania - neighbours of Belarus - are the main destinations for those fleeing persecution. The Belarusian House accused Minsk of establishing a planned operation to murder Vitali Shishov in Kyiv, Ukraine. Moreover, Shishov’s friend, Viasna said that Shishov had previously been followed for a while even when jogging right before his death. These accusations are founded on the basis of human rights violations such as freedom of speech and that of the right to life. Vitali Shishov was found hanged in a park In Kyiv where he would go jogging everyday. The NGO claimed that Vitali had been under surveillance before his death and that Ukrainian police were informed. The NGO added that other members of the NGO were continuously warned by people who lived in Belarus that there could be possible kidnappings in the future. Vitali was 26 years old and after participating in anti-government protests in Belarus in the fall of the 2020, he was forced to flee to Ukraine.

The Ukrainian police has opened a murder investigation after Shishov was found hanged and added that his mobile phone and personal belongings had been removed from the crime scene. The United Nations stated that Shishov's death adds another level to "our worries about what is happening in Belarus", and called for an investigation. Shishov's death is the latest incident to prompt international scrutiny of President Lukashenko's governing.



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