New Malaysian Government Promises More Inclusive Policies

New Malaysian Government Promises More Inclusive Policies
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Jessica Cook 

Human Rights Researcher 

Global Human Rights Defence

On Thursday 24th of November 2022, new prime minister Anwar Ibrahim was sworn into office and started his first day of work, with the promise of a more inclusive government. According to Local Today News, in his first press release, Ibrahim said that he would “guarantee and protect the rights of all Malaysians, especially the marginalized and impoverished, regardless of race or religion” [1]. 

Race and religion were particularly polarizing issues in the lead up to the Malaysian elections, which took place this 19th of November.  Reuters reported that police in Malaysia warned against ‘provocative’ social media posts after local journalists signaled a rise in hate speech on social media [2]. These posts included TikToks showing the ‘13 of May 1969 incident’, a series of racial riots in Kuala Lumpur between ethnic Malays and non-Malays, which led to nearly 200 deaths. 

With the rising cost of living in Malaysia seriously affecting many low-income households, journalists are calling for the new government to unite the multi-ethnic, multi-religious country and bring stability in times of economic uncertainty [3]. 

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