Muezzin Killed in Sohrab Goth Mosque

Muezzin Killed in Sohrab Goth Mosque
Image: Mr MEBREK Djamel Eddine, Artmajeur.

Eva Bredenbeek

Pakistan & Human Rights Researcher

Global Human Rights Defence

On Tuesday, the 12th of October, A muezzin was shot dead in Sohrab Goth Mosque in Karachi. A Muezzin is someone in the mosque who calls to prayer. According to the police, the shooting took place minutes after the victim called for Fajr's prayers. A lone gunman initiated the murder. Evidence, witness statements, and facts are collected, which will be used to build the case, and officials seem to think that the murder is linked to personal enmity. Family members state an ongoing blood feud since a part of the family moved to a different district.

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