More than half a million children stripped of their rights in Myanmar

More than half a million children stripped of their rights in Myanmar
Group of toddlers on the school with teacher teaching, Z via Unsplash, 2017

Aysu Amaha Öztürk

Myanmar and Human Rights Researcher 

Global Human Rights Defence

On November 1st, Save the Children issued a press release announcing that more than half a million children have been displaced in Myanmar this year. Since the coup d’etat that happened in February 2021, the number of displaced people has continuously increased. Quite often, these people are families that are now living in makeshift shelters or camps. (Save the Children, 2022)

It has been reported that shelters and camps do not facilitate the needs of children such as food, healthcare, and education. Therefore, support is needed from humanitarian organisations, however, because of restrictions that are imposed by the military on transportation, humanitarian aid that can help children often does not reach their destination.  (Save the Children, 2022)

After two years since the coup happened, children’s lives and rights are still not protected. Myanmar ratified the Children’s Rights Convention (CRC) in July 1991. The CRC obliges states to recognize the right to life of every child as given in Article 6. Since Myanmar is failing to provide enough food and nutrition, the state is failing its obligations asserted by the treaty. It is also violating Article 28 as it is not making any form of education accessible. Myanmar must take immediate action to fulfill its obligations in accordance with the CRC. 

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