Missing Girls in Karachi, Pakistan

Missing Girls in Karachi, Pakistan
Missing Girls in Karachi, Pakistan


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In the past 3 weeks, 2 Shia girls have gone missing from their houses in Karachi, Pakistan. The first girl was 14 year old Dua Zehra Kazmi, a resident of Al Falah area of Malir, Karachi.  According to the parents, Dua went to the ground floor of her apartment building to put away garbage bags, and went missing. There are CCTV cameras in the neighborhood but the footage for that time period is missing, when Dua disappeared. The father of Dua went to the local mosque and requested them to make announcement to help find her. Sadly, the Molvi refused to make any announcements for a Shia girl in the Sunni mosque. The parents have since appeared of some TV shows and are desperately trying to find her.

Today, news is shared on social media about another girl who has gone missing. Her name is Nimra Kazmi and she is around 15-16 years old. Nimra is a resident of Saudabad in the periphery of Malir, Karachi. Nimra is also Shia.

It is alarming to see all of these abductions of Shia girls taking place in Karachi. These girls belong to middle / lower middle class families and it is painful to see the plight of their parents as they run from pillar to post to try and recover their little girls (GHRD Correspondent, 2022).