Malaysia Deports Thai Women Linked to Human Trafficking Group

Malaysia Deports Thai Women Linked to Human Trafficking Group
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Jessica Cook 

Human Rights Researcher 

Global Human Rights Defence

On Monday 7th of November, the Royal Malaysian Police arrested three Thai women and deported them to Thai police forces. The women were believed to be part of a human trafficking group which brought individuals into Malaysia [1]. During the same raid, two Thai and two Indonesian women were rescued and placed under an interim protection order [2]. This joint operation between Royal Malaysian Police and Royal Thai Police is part of anti-trafficking operations aiming to put an end to young women being lured into Malaysia for forced sex work through online social media advertisements [3]. No further details were given by Malaysian authorities. 

Just two weeks ago on October 31st, Malaysian and Thai police broke down a trafficking group rescuing four victims in Malaysia, including a 13 year-old girl forced into prostitution at a hotel in Kuala Lumpur [4]. 

Cross-border illicit trafficking between Thailand and Malaysia has been ongoing in recent years despite cooperation efforts, including regional efforts to end transnational organized crime in the region. This has included the implementation of Border Liaison Offices aiming to facilitate information and intelligence sharing linked to trafficking. Despite this, the United Nations Regional Office for Southeast Asia and the Pacific signaled that organized crime is an increasing threat in the Mekong region, with economic disparities between countries benefiting organized criminal groups  [5]. 

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