Israeli Troops Continue Demolitions of Palestinian Houses in The West Bank

Israeli Troops Continue Demolitions of Palestinian Houses in The West Bank
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Annachiara Canetta

Middle East and Human Rights Researcher

Global Human Rights Defence


On the 22nd of August, Israeli Defence Forces demolished 8 buildings in construction in the village of al-Dyouk al-Tahta, West of Jericho, Palestine News and Info Agency (WAFA) reported. [1] Despite receiving sporadic attention from Western mainstream media, the destruction of Palestinian buildings in the West Bank enacted by Israeli authorities continues steadily.

Since last year's events in Sheik Jarrah neighbourhood, the issue of demolitions gained momentary international attention: the demolition orders issued led to tensions and even to armed conflict between Hamas and Israeli authorities. [2] Despite the transitory attention over the issue, Palestinians have been enduring a constant reshaping of their territory since the occupation started in 1948. On the one hand, Israeli authorities have been carefully adopting planning policies that impede Palestinians from building structures or forcing them to build illegally. Illegality is the main reason according to which houses are then demolished by Israeli authorities. On the other hand, Israel constructs settlements in Palestinian territories, the separation wall, bypass roads, checkpoints - all elements that contribute to the separation and isolation of Palestinian communities and to the enlargement of Israeli inhabited territories.

In particular, the practice of house demolition is one of the most impactful among the territorial policies adopted by Israel: Palestinians whose homes are demolished find themselves homeless or displaced, with reduced or no access to shelter, food, and hygiene facilities. Furthermore, it must be remembered that in the Arab culture home is extremely important, as displayed by the Arab curse ‘May your house be destroyed’: because of the non-capitalistic roots of the culture, one’s house is a very important asset. [3]

The most recent OCHA Report on West Bank Demolitions and Displacement states that in the first half of 2022, 388 structures were demolished, leaving 491 people displaced. [4] Moreover, June marked the highest monthly total of demolitions this year, representing a “48 percent increase compared with the monthly average of structures demolished or seized since the beginning of the year” (OCHA, 2022).

It is important to remember that human rights violations towards Palestinians, such as house demolitions, occur every day: keeping the attention high is fundamental to challenge the structures of power that allow these abuses.


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