Indonesia is preparing for the ASEAN forum on disability inclusion

Indonesia is preparing for the ASEAN forum on disability inclusion
Photo Source: Man in a wheelchair, by Matheus Bertelli, via Pexels. November 27, 2016.


Yasemin Beyza Uçar

South and East Asia Human Rights Researcher

Global Human Rights Defence

As the Association of Southeast Asian Nations Forum on Disability approaches, the Ministry of Social Affairs is preparing its facilities to ensure everyone’s accessibility at the ASEAN High-Level Forum on Disability-Inclusive Development and Partnership Beyond 2025. This will take place in Makassar, South Sulawesi (Devi Nindy S R, Resinta S). 

An Indonesian politician, currently the Minister of Social Affairs, expressed her intentions to give the ASEAN High-Level Forum a chance to describe attractions in Makassar City and its background through a gala dinner at Fort Rotterdam (Devi R, Kenzu).

Mohammed Ramdhan Pomanto, an Indonesian politician and mayor of Makassar announced that he approves all international events to be organized in Makassar. He added that any kind of activity is welcome as it will spread a positive impression to all guests (Hasanuddin, Kenzu).

This year (2023), Indonesia will be the host country for the ASEAN chairmanship. It primarily focused on improving ASEAN and making it a more inclusive and sustainable economic zone. Mohammed Ramdhan Pomanto mentioned that his administration would carry out arrangements guaranteeing a proper event to leave a good impression (Hasanuddin, Kenzu). 

From October 10 until October 12, 200 representatives of ASEAN sector bodies, ASEAN-affiliated organizations, organizations of persons with disabilities, ASEAN dialogue partners, and academics will join the AHLF. Thus, the Social Affairs Ministry organized supporting facilities for disabled people with the help of the management of the tourist attractions. Lastly, to ensure readiness, Minister Rismaharini visited Makassar twice to confirm disability-friendly access (Devi R, Kenzu).

Accessibility arrangements are completed by the ministry's Inten Soewono Integrated Center (STIS). These measures are mainly taken for people with disabilities within the Leang-leang Geopark Archaeological Park venue in South Sulawesi. The head of the STIS (M. O. Royani) stated that supporting facilities will be installed at several points for disabled participants, including portable toilets.  M. O. Royani also mentioned that the AHLF will be representing the image of Indonesia on an international scale; therefore, cooperation is necessary between the AHLF and the Maros District Social Service and local authorities (Devi Nindy S R, Resinta S). 

Tri Rismaharini, the Minister of Social Affairs stated that the AHLF events assist in strengthening opportunities for people with disabilities within the ASEAN countries. Additionally, she highlighted that no one will be ignored or excluded (Devi Nindy S R, Resinta S). 

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