India’s position at the 2023 midsummer United Nations Human Rights Session

India’s position at the 2023 midsummer United Nations Human Rights Session
171006 Palais Wilson, by United Nations Human Rights via Flickr, 2017


Alexandra Posta

East and South Asia Human Rights Researcher

Global Human Rights Defense

The recently concluded UN Human Rights Council session saw India making policy adjustments, addressing its geopolitical and domestic concerns (Mitra, 18 July 2023). One notable issue is India's change in stance on a recurring resolution sponsored by China (Mitra, 18 July 2023).

The UN Human Rights Council held its mid-summer session, passing 30 resolutions (UNGA, 2023). In total, 10 UNHRC resolutions were put on the ballot (OHCHR, 2023). India voted in favour of five resolutions, abstained from four, and opposed one (OHCHR, 2023; Mitra, 18 July 2023). India's voting pattern and adjustments during the 53rd UNHRC session are noteworthy.

India's position on artificial intelligence (AI) and human rights emerged during the adoption of a resolution on "new and emerging digital technologies and human rights." India expressed disagreement and dissociation with certain paragraphs, emphasising an incremental approach to AI implementation to protect vulnerable groups (Mitra, 18 July 2023).

In conclusion, India's shift in position on China's resolution reflects its changing stance on the subject. Additionally, India's stand on AI and human rights indicates its cautious approach to safeguarding rights while acknowledging the need for technological advancements. The consequences of these positions may influence India's relations with China and its approach to AI regulation and human rights protection.


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