Human Rights Centre Report States Increasing Cases Of Police Violations Of Rights

Human Rights Centre Report States Increasing Cases Of Police Violations Of Rights

Nádya Carolline Silveira

Research Intern - Global Human Rights Defence

The Human Rights Centre (HRC) is a local institution based in Hargeisa seeking to advocate against violations of human rights. In its second quarterly report for the months of May-August 2021, it has recorded a substantial increase in state perpetrated human rights violations in Somaliland, particularly concerning arbitrary arrests, police brutality, and freedom of expression. The report puts relevance in the human rights abuses that occurred in the past 4 months, and besides the already quoted issues, it has stated an increasing number of gender-based violence cases in the region. 


In events related to freedom of expression, police brutality, and arbitrary detention, the report emphasizes three articles from the Somaliland Constitution that vehemently condemn these practices that have already become recurrent. Article 24 regards police brutality, stating: ''Every person shall have the right to the security of his person. Physical punishment and any other injury to the person are prohibited.''. Likewise, article 25 goes against arbitrary arrest by stating that ''No person shall be deprived of his liberty except in accordance with the law.''. Finally, Article 32 assures citizens their right to express opinions by any methods they choose. 


Ultimately, the HRC Report, besides expressing its concern with these recurring violations, also suggests some conditions to be followed by the Somaliland Government. In short, these conditions urge for better methods to implement and enforce laws, including laws specific to gender-related cases; and last but not least the need to hold infractors accountable for their actions. 



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