Hindu girl kidnapped in Karachi

Hindu girl kidnapped in Karachi
Photo: GHRD Correspondent

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On 7th May 2022, 14 year old Chandni was kidnapped from the main road in Block 16, Gulshan e Iqbal Karachi. Chandni, a Hindu girls, was visiting her grandmother, who sells baloons and toys on the roadside. According to the grandmother, she left Chandni to guard the balloons while she herself went to a car which was distributing money, as it was Eid Festival. She said that when she got back, Chandni was not there. The family approached the Police Station who refused to register a complain for 3 days. On the fourth day on the insistence of the family, a complain was registered. Her mother Lali has shared her number on social media websites in the hope that someone gets news of the girl and they can have her back (GHRD Correspondent, 2022).