High-Level Ministerial Side Event Addresses Humanitarian Crisis in Sudan at the 78th UNGA Session

High-Level Ministerial Side Event Addresses Humanitarian Crisis in Sudan at the 78th UNGA Session
Source: © United Nations


Emily Wolfe 

Human Rights Researcher,

Global Human Rights Defence

In a crucial side event on the fringes of the 78th session of the United Nations General Assembly, global leaders convened to discuss the urgent humanitarian situation in Sudan. The gravity of the escalating crisis was highlighted by the collaboration of several significant organisations - the United Nations, the Governments of the Arab Republic of Egypt, the State of Qatar, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, together with the European Union and the African Union.

Melissa Fleming, the UN Under-Secretary-General for Global Communications, skilfully chaired the event, ensuring key issues were brought into focus.

The primary aims of the meeting were diverse. First and foremost, it aimed to draw attention to the grave situation in Sudan, underlining the vast number of people desperately affected by the conflict. This was paired with proposing tangible solutions through broad engagement to support not only the refugees and asylum seekers but also the host communities, ensuring their resilience and the combined efforts with development entities.

Moreover, the event underscored the pressing need to address the root causes of the crisis. Participants were called upon to bolster coordination efforts amongst partners and ensure unobstructed humanitarian access in line with international humanitarian law and principles. The message was unequivocal: the international community must remain steadfast in their commitment to Sudan, with their efforts encompassing all areas, from political and peacebuilding to development.

A central discussion revolved around rallying support for humanitarian and refugee response plans. A forceful call to action was issued, pressing for prompt and adaptable funding that is paramount to ensure the humanitarian response remains effective.

Delegates from each organising entity voiced their concerns, commitments, and suggested measures, illustrating a united stance in addressing the crisis in Sudan. The vast scope of the collaboration – bridging continents and merging diverse stakeholders – highlighted the severity of the situation and the shared determination to tackle it.

In summary, this high-level side event acted as a powerful reminder of the urgent challenges Sudan faces and the steadfast dedication of the international community to mitigate the hardship of its people. The world is watching intently, hopeful that such concerted efforts will yield positive change and bring relief to Sudan.