Help save the poor Baloch women abducted and then arrested on false charges by Pakistan Army

On the night of Sunday 15th April 2022, armed vehicles belonging to the Counter Terrorism Department (Pakistan Army) arrived at a neighborhood in Hoshab, Kech, Balochistan. They woke up the people sleeping outside their houses, held all of them at gunpoint, and abducted 40-year old Noor Jan as well as a 13-year old girl Shazia. Noor Jan, mother of two, is missing since then. The Baloch Women Forum held a protest and blocked the road leading to China Pakistan Economic Corridor against continuous atrocities by the Pakistan Army.  
This morning, on 17th May 2022, the Pakistan Police released a statement claiming to have arrested a woman who was planning to carry out a suicide attack at near a convoy of Chinese Nationals, at the China Pakistan Economic Corridor. They also claimed to have found explosive material from her house. They were unable to share any evidence to support their allegations in front of the press. The authorities are bent upon committing more and more atrocities on the Baloch community, and there is no one to pay heed to their cries for help.