Governor of Balochistan Calls Upon Minorities Rights 

Governor of Balochistan Calls Upon Minorities Rights 
K. Siddiqi. (10th of February, 2021). “Protecting Minority Rights In Pakistan”. The Express Tribune. 

Eva Bredenbeek 

Pakistan and Human Rights Researcher,

Global Human Rights Defense.

During a delegation of Hindu Panchayats on Sunday, 12th of December, the governor of Balochistan, Syed Zahoor Ahmed Agha, spoke about minorities' rights. He emphasized the constitution of Pakistan, which guaranteed equal rights, freedom of expression, and freedom of religion to all Pakistani minorities. Mr. Agha aims to promote religious tolerance and harmony and work towards more religious peace. During the delegation, the people of Kalat Hindu Mohalla expressed difficulties they face regarding education, health, and clean drinking water. Governor Agha listened to all their problems and promised to resolve them. 

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