GHRD Women's Rights March 2019

In line with the International Women’s Day, Global Human Rights Defence (GHRD) organised an event on 7th March 2019 in The Hague to march against the persecution of religious minorities and the ongoing human rights violations against women from religious minorities communities in Pakistan.

Marchers walked the streets together to denounce the human rights violations perpetrated for years against religious minorities and women in Pakistan. GHRD will publish a report detailing the human rights violations against religious minorities in Pakistan along with a list of legal recommendations. This report will be submitted to the Pakistan embassy and the Dutch parliament. Among the many tasks performed by GHRD, the organisation monitors human rights violations and utilises collected information to advocate and influence changes in policy making and educate a variety of stakeholders in order to decrease human rights violations.

In the afternoon, GHRD held a Human Rights seminar at the Grote Kerk. Women belonging to the religious minority communities shared their personal experiences about persecution in Pakistan. There was also an interactive discussion where individuals posed questions and learnt more about the issue at hand.

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