GHRD being vocal in Geneva

From 14 to 18 March, the Global Human Rights Defence Delegation visited Geneva to hold protests, press conferences, and attend seminars on serious issues concerning human rights violations worldwide. A particular focus was on the situation of minorities and marginalized groups in Pakistan, especially the Sindh province, the Kashmir, and the Balochistan region. Not only did GHRD itself organize a press conference on the topic, GHRD also attended and spoke at spoke at a seminar organized by the Baloch Human Rights Council (BHRC) on the situation currently ongoing in Balochistan, involving many serious human rights violations.
On Tuesday, the 15th of March, GHRD joined the World Sindhi Congress in their protest held next to the Broken Chair Statute before the United Nations Building in Geneva. Many people attended the protest, holding pictures of the victims of serious human rights violations committed all over Pakistan. Attendees held slogans, and pictures of people who wrongly convicted of the crime of blasphemy, of girls being forcibly abducted and converted to Islam, of people unjustly killed by the Pakistani government, and of people suffering from many more human rights violations. With the protest, the World Sindhi Congress and GHRD urged the international community, standing in front of the United Nations, to speak up about the heinous atrocities being committed in Pakistan. Self-determination for the oppressed nations, minorities, and marginalized groups in Pakistan was demanded. The message was clear: action needs to be taken now to help those suffering alone in Pakistan. The World Sindi Congress and GHRD’s goal is to give a voice to those who cannot be heard, and to stand up for the fundamental human rights of all citizens of Pakistan, regardless of their religion, gender, ethnicity, or sexual orientation – everyone deserves fundamental human rights and dignity.