Forced disappearance in the Pakistani State

1. The series of enforced disappearances in Sindh has continued since 1970. Since 2000, many of Nationalist have been missing by Pakistan Intelligence And after that they have given Mutilated corpses of Nationalists. 
In 2017, my father was forcibly disappeared by the Pakistan Intelligence Agency,
After that, I struggled myself with my sister and friends for the forcibly disappeared workers, 
Since 2017, we have been fighting against enforced disappearances,  Enforced disappearances are a very painful situation for the disappeared people and their families, Only God and we know how much it hurts,
For the return of my father, I have made a long march on foot from Hyderabad Press Club to Karachi Press Club (221 KM). and 2nd Time from Bhit shah to Karachi Press Club, (381 KM).

The enforced disappearances in Sindh are continued by Pakistan Army and Military Forces from a long time.
More than one hundred Sindhi Nationalist and political workers , writers and human rights defenders are enforced and disappeared by the Pakistan Army .
So we are struggling against enforced disappearance from the last five years.
We have founded the Human Rights defender forum " Voice For Missing Persons of Sindh" 
and our struggle is continued for the recovery of all missing persons of Sindh.

2. Date of birth 10 October 1991

3. Karachi, Sindh , Pakistan

4. My political and socio-cultural profile started when my father Hidayatullah Lohar was abducted and enforced  disappeared by Pakistani Forces from his teaching place , school , nasirabad on 17th April ,2017.
I started the struggle for the recovery for not only my father but for all the missing persons of Sindh.
Later , I participated in the All Parties Conference called By JSQM on 22 May 2017 in Hyderabad Press Club on the single agenda of "Missing Persons" .
APC unanimously created the Forum for the struggle for Missing Persons. Namely
"Voice for Missing Persons of Sindh '' and they selected me as the deputy convener of the newly created Missing persons Forum.
We staged the mega demonstrations , launched a huge public struggle , Long Marches and hunger strikes across Sindh from the plate of this forum of ' Voice for Missing Persons of Sindh'.
5. From the beginning we are facing the Pakistani State pressures and threats given by Pakistani agencies.
They tried many times to sabotage our struggle.
Pakistani Forces , Police and Intelligence agencies attacked us on 20th May 2018 at Press club Karachi during the Protest.
In this attack they tore the clothes of my little sister sasui lohar and arrested many protesters from that place.
After that they tried many tactics and threats to block our struggle ,In 12 January 2019, Pakistani Army were picking up my brother Sanghaar, They raided my cousin's shop, that raid as an attempt to suppress the campaign and gag my voice. The videos of my brother Sanghaar Lohar's enforced disappearance are on social media, During resistance They abused, pushed and insulted us, At that time my younger brother and elder brothers were beaten by them,
After an hour of resistance, they released my brother at that time, 
And still Pakistani agencies are harassing me when I got married in December 2021 after a month they start harassing me in different ways, In January 2022, Pakistani Intelligence have filed a ATC case against me & my sister Sasui Lohar.A month after my wedding Intelligence  call my in-laws pestering them to meet, MI and ISI have met my in-laws once, Just to tease me and stress me out,  to stop the struggle against enforced disappearances,
My in-laws cannot give this statement as they are in the force themselves, and they never support me, in this situation, We don't want anything, we talk about justice and law If any person is involved in any crime, they should be brought to court according to the law according to the constitution, We should be given the right, we should be given the right to speak, we should be given our basic rights,
but we did not give up. We continued our Struggle.
6. Yes , Sindh Renaissance Forum (Sindh Sujaagi Forum) and many other social and political organizations have been our co- partner in this struggle from the beginning of time.

7. We are trying to organize the Sindh level network and re-organize the structure and strategies of our Forum also.
We have made new teams and a new Division vise structure of our organization to scale up our struggle more mobilized and powerful across Sindh.
8. No