EU’s contribution to tackle climate change

EU’s contribution to tackle climate change
Photo by Maher Najm via flickr


Agori Michopoulou

International Justice and Human Rights Researcher

Global Human Rights Defence

On the 13th of  September 2022, the EU Parliament demanded from companies to ensure that products which are sold in the EU, do not derive from deforested or degraded land. The Commission had proposed a new Regulation to curb EU-driven deforestation and forest degradation. From 1990 till 2020 the hectares of forest that have been lost are approximately 420 million, an area that is larger than the European Union. The scope of the Commission's proposal includes cattle, cocoa, coffee, palm-oil, soya, wood and everything that contain, have been fed with or have been made using these commodities, i.e. leather, chocolate and furniture. In accordance with the Parliament the Regulation should also include pigmeat, sheep and goats, poultry, maize and rubber, as well as charcoal and printed paper products.

The need to fight against climate change and biodiversity loss led to the proposal of the abovementioned Regulation, which sets mandatory due diligence rules for companies. It would be obligatory for them to verify that the selling goods in the EU have not been produced on deforested or degraded land, anywhere in the world. In that way, consumers would be sure that all the products that they are buying will not contribute to climate change and biodiversity loss. Additionally, the Members of the European Parliament want to ensure that companies will produce their goods according to human rights provisions of international law and the rights of indigenous people. All eyes are now turned to the Parliament and its possibility to begin negotiations on the final law with EU member states.

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