Ethnic Turmoil Unleashed: Crisis and Concerns in Manipur India

Ethnic Turmoil Unleashed: Crisis and Concerns in Manipur India
मणिपुर में 8 साल की बच्ची, भीड़ ने एंबुलेंस में लगाई आग, मां की मौत, by Hundi News Gallery, via Flickr, 2023


Alexandra Posta

East and South Asia Human Rights Researcher

Global Human Rights Defense

During the past months there has been a surge in ethnic violence in Manipur, India, that has raised concerns about human rights worldwide (Posta, 31 May 2023). Manipur state has been experiencing further turmoil, as evidenced by numerous videos circulating on social media showing people being killed and injured in armed attacks. 

Manipur has a long history of secessionist insurgencies, in which both the military and state security forces have been implicated in serious human rights abuses (Ganguly, 30 June 2023). Ethnic disputes have also repeatedly escalated into violence. This ongoing conflict has resulted in over 100 deaths and the displacement of nearly 40,000 individuals (Ganguly, 30 June 2023; Lama, 30 June 2023). Angry mobs and armed vigilantes have been responsible for the destruction of homes, churches, and offices (Ganguly, 30 June 2023; Hussain, 29 June 2023). Violent protests erupted following an attack on June 29, that resulted in tear gas shells being fired (Kundu, 30 June 2023), ultimately resulting in the death of two persons (Lama, 30 June 2023). Simultaneously, a church and other properties had been looted and set on fire (Hussain, 29 June 2023).

These events highlight the unfortunate clashes between ethnic groups in India and the challenges faced by authorities to mitigate the situation (Lama, 30 June 2023). However, instead of implementing measures to ensure the security of all communities, the Bharatiya Janata Party-led government under N. Biren Singh in Manipur has adopted divisive policies aligned with the national party's Hindu majoritarianism agenda, further exacerbating ethnic tensions (Ganguly, 30 June 2023). The government should ensure unrestricted access to humanitarian aid and take steps to disband and disarm abusive groups, and initiate an independent investigation (Ganguly, 30 June 2023). Mediation efforts should involve all stakeholders and focus on ending violence while safeguarding the interests of all communities (Ganguly, 30 June 2023).


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