Demonstrations against the Irani regime reach European capitals

Demonstrations against the Irani regime reach European capitals
Middle Eastern countries in a World Map. Source: Lara Jameson/Unsplash, 2021.


Julie Lübken

Europe and Human Rights Researcher

Global Human Rights Defense

Following the death of Mahsa Amini, young people and women in Iran have been protesting in the streets, risking their lives to express their discontent towards the regime’s oppression of women. Demonstrations condemning the Islamic Republic of Iran have also spread to European capitals. The Iranian diaspora, in Europe and the West, want to show their full solidarity with those fighting in their home country. Many believe that they can be the voice that those currently in Iran are lacking due to brutal police crackdowns and the shutting down of the Internet. 

In Paris, thousands mobilized on Saturday 25th of September and the following Sunday to peacefully protest. As they began their way towards the Iranian embassy, however, they were confronted by tear gas and riot police. Several reports have claimed disproportionate violence against the protestors, with police prioritizing the protection of the Embassy. Protestors were not only upset by the police’s reaction, but by how president Emmanuel Macron has taken a less-than-firm stance on the situation and even shook President Raisi’s hand at the United Nations General Assembly. 

In London, similar scenes were observed. As hundreds gathered in Trafalgar Square on Saturday, several people stood in front of the Iranian Embassy. Twelve people were arrested for crossing the police cordon and attacking police officers. The Metropolitan Police has condemned the violence, while also highlighting that the majority of the protests had been peaceful. 

In Athens, where protests also occurred, a Molotov cocktail was thrown to the Iranian Embassy with no serious damage. Clashes between protestors, opposers and law enforcement have been prevalent in the past week. Most of those mobilized, however, are peacefully expressing solidarity with those suffering in Iran. 

The actions of the Iranian regime have sparked outrage across the world. European governments are condemning the repression and urging for an increase in sanctions. People, whether Irani or not, are taking to the streets to express their anger and frustration. This past week has truly been a testament of Western Europe’s solidarity with those fighting for change in Iran. 

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