Cyclone Shaheen strikes parts of Oman and Iran

Cyclone Shaheen strikes parts of Oman and Iran
Photo: Sultan al-Hassani/Reuters

Angelica Shilova

Middle East & Human Rights Researcher

Global Human Rights Defence

As Tropical Cyclone Shaheen arrived in parts of Iran and Oman’s coastlines, at least nine people were killed. In Oman, two Asian workers died in a landslide, and a child was swept away. Across the coast of Iran, six people were killed. The eye of the storm entered between the states of Musanah and Suwaiq. The speed on the wall of the cyclone was between 120-150km per hour. Flights have now been suspended to and from the capital Muscat and residents have been urged to evacuate coastal areas.

There is a risk of high flooding as Oman’s ground is bone dry, and cannot absorb the rain. Additionally, it is a mountainous area, where the rain falls high above and it gushes, leading to high flooding. Power supply has been cut in al-Qurm, with more than 2,700 people put in emergency shelters.

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