Children’s lives are continuously threatened by the junta in Myanmar

Children’s lives are continuously threatened by the junta in Myanmar
Burmese children don't need iPhones, they need pens and a teacher, Vlada via Unsplash, 2021


Aysu Amaha Öztürk

Myanmar and Human Rights Researcher 

Global Human Rights Defence

On November 23rd, Myanmar Witness, an NGO focused on investigating human rights issues in Myanmar, published a report regarding an attack that happened earlier this year. The attack had affected a school and a monastery in Let Yet Kone Village. After a detailed investigation, Myanmar Witness concluded that at least 6 children were dead and 17 people were injured due to the attack (Myanmar Witness, 2022). Myanmar Witness also stated that there is a pattern to these types of attacks. The junta does not differentiate between civilian or combatant  buildings and persons. When asked, they claim that opposition forces are using the village for their own benefit (Myanmar Witness, 2022). 

Children are one of the most vulnerable in society and even more vulnerable in a conflict. Although Myanmar ratified the Children’s Rights Convention (CRC) in July 1991, it violates the Convention’s provisions due to these types of attacks. Article 6 of the CRC requires state parties to recognize the right to life of every child. Since the junta in Myanmar is actively killing children by targeting them and their educational spaces, Myanmar continues to breach the agreement they made through the CRC. 

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