Children Demand Textbook on Sanatan Dharm

Children Demand Textbook on Sanatan Dharm
Photo: GHRD Correspondent


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Children are demanding that the Sindh Education Board introduce a text book on Sanatan Dharm (Hindu dharm) into the school curriculum, so that Hindu children can learn about their faith in schools too. Islamiat, a book on Islam, is a compulsory part of curriculum from class 1 in schools. Reading the Quran is also compulsory from class 1 onwards, and these classes must have trained teachers available to give lessons. The two children holding posters in the picture, which reads: Hindu Sanatan Dharm is our right (to practice).

The right to education is key in Pakistan and the fact that children themselves are now advocating for their basic rights, is very important in actually achieving the access to education for children in Pakistan, and all around the world (GHRD correspondent, 2022).