Child Abuse Numbers in Pakistan Rise

Child Abuse Numbers in Pakistan Rise
Photo: AaDil Via Pexels

Emma Barnhoorn


Pakistan and Human Rights Researcher

An aid group fighting for children’s protection has revealed that data shows higher rising numbers of assault and sexual abuse of children in Pakistan. These numbers have surged by nearly 30% in 2021 in Pakistan. The group’s director fears an increase in dark web gangs, which trade child pornography and buy and sell children. Coronavirus lockdowns have also contributed to the issue, especially concerning (domestic) sexual violence against children. 

In its annual report “Cruel Numbers” the aid group called Sahil Organisation, says there were 3,852 cases of child sexual abuse in 2021 in Pakistan. 54% of the victims were girls, 46% of the victims were boys, most boys aged between 6 and 16, while girls were even younger. The majority of people perpetrating the assaults were family acquaintances, relatives, or others known to the children (The Associated Press, 2022)/

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