Attempted Self-Immolation Tibetan Succumbs

Attempted Self-Immolation Tibetan Succumbs
Photo by photo yanoya on Flickr


Mandakini Jathavethan

Tibet and Human Rights Researcher,

Global Human Rights Defence.

25-year-old Tsewang Norbu is reported to be dead after his attempt at self-immolation was thwarted by Chinese authorities. On 25 February 2022, the singer shouted slogans and set himself on fire in front of the Potala Palace at Lhasa to protest the Chinese oppression over Tibetans. 

No further information of Norbu’s death regarding time, place and medical cause of death is available. With his death, the tally of Tibetan self-immolations climbs to 158 since 2009, not counting another eight in Nepal and India. Significantly, the Tibetan National Uprising Day falls annually on March 10th. This year marks the 63rd anniversary of this Day.

Sources and further reading:

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