ASEAN Troika Takes Steps to Address Myanmar Human Rights Crisis

ASEAN Troika Takes Steps to Address Myanmar Human Rights Crisis
Joko Widodo, by Irawan Jani Putro, via Flickr, 2015


Alexandra Posta

East and South Asia Human Rights Researcher

Global Human Rights Defence


In recent years Myanmar, human rights violations and political turmoil has captured the world's attention. In response to this dire situation, Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) has taken significant action. The regional entity has formed a troika, serving as an informal consultation mechanism with the objective of addressing the Myanmar crisis (Shofa, September 8, 2023).

The troika compromises of the previous, current, and forthcoming presidents of ASEAN: Indonesia, Laos, and Malaysia (Shofa, September 8, 2023). While the specific operations of this troika remain to be specified, it is clear that it aims to provide a concentrated approach to the Myanmar crisis, aligning with the principles articulated in the five-point consensus established in 2021 (Shofa, September 8, 2023). This measure signifies ASEAN's renewed commitment to confronting the ongoing challenges in Myanmar. Furthermore, ASEAN leaders have adopted the Declaration on ASEAN Human Rights Dialogue, concentrating on the promotion and protection of human rights (Jegho & Sarmiento, September 8, 2023). This dedication underscores the regional bloc's commitment to upholding human values in Myanmar and addressing the human rights crisis.

Over the past nine months, Indonesia has engaged in 145 interactions with 70 stakeholders, striving to cultivate trust among key parties entangled in the Myanmar crisis (Shofa, September 8, 2023). Indonesian President Joko Widodo underscored ASEAN's dedication to peace, stability, and prosperity, stressing that the region would not be held hostage by the Myanmar issue (The Star, September 8, 2023). This reaffirms the organization's allegiance to human rights and safeguarding the interests of the general populace (Jegho & Sarmiento, September 8, 2023). Leaders have committed to taking stringent measures to shield migrant workers and combat human trafficking (Jegho & Sarmiento, September 8, 2023).

In summary, ASEAN's establishment of a troika emphasis its dedication to human rights and the protection of people in Myanmar. As these efforts unfold, there is optimism for a political resolution that secures the release of political detainees, discontinuation of human suffering and the reinstatement of democratic institutions in accordance with international human rights standards.



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