Amnesty International Urges Action Against Enforced Disappearances Pakistan

Amnesty International Urges Action Against Enforced Disappearances Pakistan
Getty Images. “Pakistan: Amendments to enforced disappearance bill a backward step on promised reform”. (October 7, 2021). Amnesty International.


Eva Bredenbeek 

Team Pakistan  

Global Human Rights Defense.

Pakistan is experiencing an unprecedented growing number of Enforced Disappearances. Enforced disappearance is abducting a person against their will, resulting in the person's missing. In Pakistan, this has been routinely done by Pakistan Security Forces. This primarily affects the minorities of Pakistan, whereby religious and ethnic minorities fear for their lives, and lawyers, politicians, activists, and journalists become fearful of being abducted themselves. 

On Monday the 22nd of November, Amnesty International has urged Pakistan to stop forcibly disappearing suspected militants for years without trial. Hereby furthermore expressing the challenges families face, obtaining information about their detained relatives and the social, economic, and cultural challenges. Unfortunately, the government of Pakistan has not yet commented to Amnesty International. The government had denied previous allegations made.

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