Afghan Girls Denied Education by Taliban Government

Afghan Girls Denied Education by Taliban Government
photo: United Nations Photo via Flickr, 08-06-2009


Myrthe Niemeijer

International Justice and Human Rights Researcher

Global Human Rights Defence 

The UN Human Rights Chief Michelle Bachelet on Wednesday expressed her concern over the denial of education of girls in Afghanistan. Despite repeated talks and commitments by the Taliban that schools would reopen, schools for girls above the sixth grade have remained closed for six months since the Taliban seizer power. 

On her visit to Kabul two weeks ago, the de facto government had assured Ms. Bachelet of their commitment to girls’ education. The Afghan women Ms. Bachelet spoke to in Kabul reportedly indicated that they wished to speak with the Taliban themselves since they have the capabilities to alleviate the current crisis in Afghanistan. Nevertheless, the decision to reopen high schools was reportedly reversed early Wednesday. 

This continuous denial of education for Afghan girls violates their equal right to education. Additionally, Ms. Bachelet expressed her concern that this “leaves them more exposed to violence, poverty and exploitation” (Bachelet, 2022, para.2). Therefore, she again called on the Taliban to provide for the girls’ right to education by reopening schools immediately. 

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