10 Policemen Martyred in Brutal Terror Attack on Police Station

10 Policemen Martyred in Brutal Terror Attack on Police Station
Radio Pakistan


Eleonora Bruno

Pakistan Researcher, 

Global Human Rights Defence

A police station in Pakistan became the scene of a devastating assault resulting in the tragic loss of some officers. In the early hours of Monday, a terrorist attack on a police station in Dera Ismail Khan resulted in the martyrdom of at least 10 policemen, with nine others sustaining injuries, as reported by Khyber Pakhtunkhwa's provincial police chief to news agency AFP. According to police reports, the attack occurred late Sunday night in tehsil Daraban of DI Khan. The assailants, whose identity remains undisclosed, launched sniper fire and grenades around 03:00 local time on Monday (22:00 GMT Sunday), according to Akhtar Hayat Gandapur, the regional police chief. They mounted their assault from three different directions, gaining momentary control over the police station. Despite the security officials' retaliation, the terrorists managed to evade capture under the cover of darkness. The injured were promptly transported to DHQ Hospital for medical treatment, while the area was cordoned off for a thorough search operation by police and security forces. This attack is reminiscent of a similar incident on December 12, 2023, when terrorists targeted the Daraban police station, resulting in the deaths of three officers and injuries to 16 others. Dr. Gohar Ejaz, the Caretaker Interior Minister, vehemently condemned the latest attack, expressing profound sorrow over the loss of 10 police personnel and extending sympathies to their families. He praised the sacrifices of the officers, emphasizing the nation's solidarity in the fight against terrorism. Similarly, Caretaker Federal Minister for Information, Broadcasting, and Parliamentary Affairs Murtaza Solangi condemned the attack, mourning the martyred officers and highlighting the nation's resilience against terrorism. He stressed that acts of terror would not deter Pakistan's determination to eradicate extremism, affirming unwavering support for the security forces. Prime Minister Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar also denounced the attack, praising the bravery of the police personnel and promising comprehensive medical care for the injured. The nation, he asserted, stands united against threats to its security and stability. The incident raises concerns amidst Pakistan's upcoming election on Thursday, prompting heightened security measures. The Election Commission of Pakistan has labeled half of the country's 90,675 polling stations as either "sensitive" or "most sensitive" due to the risk of violence, reflecting the nation's turbulent electoral landscape.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, a region with a history of attacks by militant groups including the Pakistan Taliban and Islamic State, witnessed a surge in violence, recording 458 attacks and counter-terrorism operations in 2023, resulting in nearly 1,000 fatalities. The province's southern area is particularly under severe threat, with militants embedding within urban populations, complicating security operations.

Meanwhile, in Balochistan, another violence-stricken province, a political leader was assassinated in his party's office, and a bomb attack following a political rally claimed at least four lives. The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the latter. Additionally, the military conducted an anti-terror operation resulting in the death of 24 militants in Balochistan the previous week.

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